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How to kiss frogs and compare marketing agencies

Posted by Jennifer Chandler on 23-Aug-2016 15:25:30

Let me start this with a disclaimer. I work for The Revery. It’s a marketing agency specialising in inbound marketing, brand strategy and digital marketing for B2B techs.

This article is not a plug for us – it’s about real world experiences I’ve had from the client side of the fence. But if you want to know why we were named in CIO’s Top 25 to watch you can read all about it here.

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Brand and SEO services come before advertising and content

Posted by Jodi Gaylard on 15-Aug-2016 11:11:04

As a self-help junkie, setting up a digital marketing agency 4 years ago saw me swimming in a 50m pool of business books and seminars. One of the big stand outs in the chlorine packed body of information was the saying ‘Ready-Fire-Aim’. The thought behind R.F.A is that a lot of good stuff doesn’t happen because people wait to get everything perfect before they ‘shoot’. So for someone who sits seriously in the camp of ‘hurry up’ it was liberating to have my impatience (to get amongst it already) validated.

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What bingewatching YouTube taught this content marketing agency about content.

Posted by Nerissa Atkinson on 11-Aug-2016 22:52:28

I spent a weekend binge watching YouTube so you didn’t have to - yeah, I know, I'm good like that. After a hard week searching for gems at the old content marketing agency mine, I spent a weekend in my jammies, strong coffee in hand, eyes going slowly rectangular with a little arrow in place of each pupil.

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6 brands proving B2B content marketing doesn't need to be boring.

Posted by Nerissa Atkinson on 11-Aug-2016 22:38:13

In the hierarchy of marketing, there is an unofficial ranking of ‘cool’ brands to work for. Top of the list? Luxury brands and beer (nothing surprising there). Middle of the pack might be banking - big budgets, and looks good on the CV too. And way, way down the bottom of the list you’ll probably find B2B firms.

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Making your online lead generation convert to sales by...da, da, daaaaa.......caring.

Posted by Jodi Gaylard on 03-Aug-2016 12:00:51

Some phrases and words I hear too 'story telling', like 'reach out', like 'low hanging fruit' make me feel irrationally cross at the word. Not even the people saying the word (well ok a bit the people saying it) but more cross at the word itself. I would like to tell the word off for being so verbose and bold in the way it trots itself out on stage night after boring night like it is sooooooo much more important than the rest of the words. 

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Think of your brand positioning as an iceberg

Posted by Jodi Gaylard on 27-Jul-2016 15:01:29

I love Nandos. Cheeky, funny advertising, reasonably priced high quality food with friendly staff who know their free range (happy before dying) chicken. Their irreverent brand positioning can be seen consistently from their salt shakers through to their TV advertising. Beautiful marketing.

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Content without creative design is like me without coffee

Posted by Jennifer Chandler on 21-Jul-2016 09:40:51

I need coffee.

Seriously, this is important.

I need a coffee before anything else. Before conversation, before driving and definitely before emailing. Preferably a double-espresso that packs a punch and turns me into a coherent, vibrant and much more likeable version of myself.

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Online lead generation means never having to cold call again.

Posted by Nerissa Atkinson on 13-Jul-2016 23:40:17

Hands up who loves cold calling? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Sigh. While it's meant to be a great means of lead generation, quite frankly being on the receiving end of a cold call is just dreadful and uncomfortable and unwelcome and like most people, my aim is to slip past it as fast as I possibly can.

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The Revery 'showing off' our moves in content marketing services.

Posted by Jodi Gaylard on 07-Jul-2016 11:05:10

Show off: boastfully display one's abilities or accomplishments

- Oxford Dictionary

In the days of healthy self esteem and self actualisation, of positive parenting and praise. I'd like to reflect back to not so long ago when one of the biggest crimes in suburban Australia was to be 'Up yourself'. That's right one of the worst things that could be thrown in your direction was 'YOOOUUUU LOVE YOURSELF'. Usually followed by 'right Sharon?' 

Young and old alike were terrified of encouraging a society of raging narcissist zombies who were going to eat them alive with their self obsession.

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Customer Journey Mapping in the world of SaaS

Posted by Jennifer Chandler on 27-Jun-2016 13:50:39

If you're a SaaS company, you know your customers. Your product was probably developed because you knew exactly what your customers were after. The success of your company is also dependent on your customers. You need people talking about you on social media, recommending you to colleagues or friends and basically shouting your name from the rooftop.

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