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A website without a brand positioning = blah..blah..blah (in German)

Posted by Jodi Gaylard on 02-Jun-2016 14:22:28

I only speak 'Sound of Music' German and I may be reading into the situation a bit (I tend to) but I'm guessing from this clip that Homer is saying something that could have quite an impact on Santa's Little Helper. I imagine that if Santa's Little Helper (for the remainder of this article to be referred to as SLH) could understand what was required of him and how he could benefit, he would be motivated to act. Homer and SLH could then live a better, more peaceful life together. Sadly however, all SLH hears is blah...blah...blah..blah..blah....blah. This leaves SLH feeling confused, a little bit cross and none the wiser about what information Homer was trying to impart. 

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