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Safe is dangerous for tech companies marketing a bland brand.

Posted by Jodi Gaylard on 05-Nov-2015 11:38:34

In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible - Seth Godin

Every childhood contains an incident big or small where we, as wide eyed innocents, strayed from the norm. Where we dared to be different, risked standing out and it failed abysmally. Whether it be dressing up like a giant mouse at a cheer leading party (it happened) or wearing lime green striped pants on denim day (it happened) - the sting that came from the laughs that were 'at you, not with you' were ouchy. So ouchy in fact that it made fitting in seem very important.

Problem is, as we journey through life and the merciless schoolground is left behind, what we put in place to keep us safe, can often hold us back. 

This is particular true in the world of tech. Tech businesses can't afford to fit in, they can't afford to be like everyone else and they certainly can't afford to be bland. Tech is an industry with aggressive competitors and ever changing innovation. This means that to stay ahead, to continually acquire customers, more than anyother business they not only need continual innovation but they must be seen and they must be heard.

Why you can't go past a solid content and marketing strategy, the biggest shortcut for being 'seen and heard' is having a knock out, stand out brand.

So if the years have bleached out your brand marketing, if you suspect no one knows why to choose you from the next guy, its time to step boldly into the light and shine. It will pay off - here's why:

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