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Making your online lead generation convert to sales by...da, da, daaaaa.......caring.

Posted by Jodi Gaylard on 03-Aug-2016 12:00:51

Some phrases and words I hear too 'story telling', like 'reach out', like 'low hanging fruit' make me feel irrationally cross at the word. Not even the people saying the word (well ok a bit the people saying it) but more cross at the word itself. I would like to tell the word off for being so verbose and bold in the way it trots itself out on stage night after boring night like it is sooooooo much more important than the rest of the words. 

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I see dead people. Advertising without a sales and marketing process.

Posted by Jodi Gaylard on 08-Oct-2015 16:07:13

Much like the soft faced, teary eyed little lamb like child in the sixth sense, I too have a gift that is both bothersome and helpful. While I can't claim to be able to interact with people who don't know they are ghosts, my meercat-like senses can feel disaster coming a good 20 kms off. A sort of hyper-vigilance I guess.

This is the opposite to mindfulness which is a key to happiness. So this year I am trying to be less like a small, darty mongoose and more like a calm, mindful, slightly sleepy cow. Sleepy cows aside, there is however, an upside to constantly being in and out of the nest, looking left and right scanning the world for danger. That is, I have always been able to predict quite accurately where and when a project is going to fall apart and the consequences. This means that with the right actions put in place it can be prevented.

So far the biggest preventable disaster I’ve predicted in marketing is advertising without a fully thought through back-end sales and marketing process.

Imagine this.......the media is thoughtfully planned, the creative painstakingly crafted, the launch button is pushed and leads start coming in. If the sales process has been thought through, the beautiful song of sales and the upbeat tempo of ‘money well spent’ rings in our ears. On the dark side however, the side of ‘let’s just get this stuff on the road and hope for the best’ those gorgeous leads can, in the extreme, be left just to wither and die or less dramatically, be simply not fully optimised. This can mean a heart breaking amount of marketing dollars are wasted and even worse, potential customers have had a bad experience and are never to return.

Depressing, right?

So, you say, what’s a thought through sales process anyway? It's mapping out the journey the customer takes from contacting you to buying your product or service.

Here are some of the basics to include in your marketing process

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